Dear Przemek!

Thank you very much for your letter. I was delighted when I read about your many successes. You wrote, you do not understand why I lived in the countryside. In this letter I would like you to explain it.

It has long liked the atmosphere that prevails in the country. I always liked the peace and quiet. I did not think, however, that life there can be such interesting, until I went on vacation to my uncle.

Initially, my vision is not happy two-week stay in the countryside, away from the Internet, computer and friends. In addition, in preparing a wonderful concert of my favorite band, you do not want to miss. Rebelled against the idea of parents, but I lament the little avail. A few days later, already sitting on a bundle of hay in the barn, my uncle, thinking about what's happening in the city. Country seemed lethargic and uninteresting. All worked in the field from morning till late evening. It was a good place to rest one day from the bustle of the city, but not the two-week holiday trip. But I had no choice.

The second day my uncle took me to work in the field. I defended myself as forces. My reluctance has passed, however, when I saw the great fun that can be combined heavy field work. My brothers ments in the field, threw snopkami corn and rolling around in the fresh wheat. With undisguised joy to fling into play. When we returned to the home,
it was quite dark. Aunt prepared delicious dinner: baked herself bread świeżutki, made meats, cream cheese and butter slaughtered. Sandwiches were fantastic! When we had put to sleep, my uncle offered accommodation in the barn, the newly zwiezionym hay. No one refused.

Next few days look very similar. In the morning we left the field at noon, we had a few hours break, then returning back to work until evening. When I arrived Saturday, my uncle surprised us news that we were invited to rural wedding. This idea did not initially fell to my liking, but everything changed when the crossed the threshold of the house wedding. For the first time in my life seen such great fun. People danced and sang. On the tables are spaced wide variety of dishes and drinks. I met many wedding customs, which in the cities have long since forgotten. Feast lasted until dawn. Around 10 o'clock the people dispersed. We, too, along with my aunt and uncle went home. About 14 hours we went back home to poprawiny wedding, which lasted until dawn on Monday, and all the good dispersed to their homes.

On Wednesday, we finished the work in the field. All the grain has been harvested and zwiezione to the barn. Along with his brothers, then came up with fun - jumping on the spilled wheat. When we are bored jumping, stepped uncle. The next day we went on bike rides through the surrounding forests and meadows. We have seen up close many species of animals and plants and beautiful landscapes. Well, I took the camera, because I had the opportunity to do a lot of interesting photos.

All of this led me to the decision to move to the countryside. I met many interesting people here and I realized that people living in rural areas are extremely nice and helpful and hardworking can be great fun. Now, for anything not swap house in the countryside on a narrow apartment in the city center.
Dear Paul,
Thanks for your last letter. When I reading it I can't help laughting. You have so fanny live.
Anyway, what are you doing for your summer holiday? I'm going to bieszczady with my best friend patrycja. We're sleepin in the tent and treking in the mountains. It will be greate and I'm looking forward to holiday. We leave in july and befor that we could meet. I don't see you so long and J think I visit you in seccound weekend on June. I hope it's good idea. We will be able spend some time together and finally talk.
We could also meet in August but I don't know what my parents want to do then. If you're having any plans on this time or any problems with my visit, call.
I can't wait for our meeting. Kiss your mum from me.
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- szkoda ze nie napisales o czym ma byc ten e mail :P-

Dear Katie,

How are you? I am just writting you this email because I am so bored at the moment. I am at my grandmother's house. We haven't got internet here or tv but I am still having a lot of fun. I love her animals. She has got a lot of pigs, cows, cats and dogs. Every morning I am looking how she's taking the milk off cows and how she feeds pigs. I even used to try doing it alone!!! It was cool! The day here goes so fast. Just the evenings are a little boring as it's now but usually I am going sleep early so I can wake up tomorrow early too and have the fun with all the animals here. I wish you could be here with me. I am sure you would enjoy it same much as I just do!! Maybe next time will you come here with me?

Take care