MAke notes about a real or imagined memorable event e.g. a birthday, a journey, a holiday, your first day in school
1 where were you?/Who were you with?/ How old were you?
2 What happend? Describe the events. How did you people react?/How did you feel?
3What happend in the end?

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When I was in Paris and i wallking in a park I saw something strange...I saw a young woman in the park...the girl was tallking all the time with her dog.
she was wearing a beatifull sweater and pretty skirt. she was about 20.
and suddenly a woman started cry. i was very suprised because a moment ago she was smilling and a laught to her dog...
I don't know why. it seems to me that the event's was her boyfriend who split up with her.
The people looked at her and they were sad when the girl started cry.
It was for me strange but also sad. couse i don't like looking at people pain. i went to her and i was talking with her a two hours.
In the end the girland I came back home. And we will go to the cinema tomorow. She is so nice and sympatic.
I like her so much.