Usually I get up at 7 am. I brush my teeth. Later I wash myself. I eat breakfast at 7.15 am. I have cornflakes with orange juice or sandwiches with coffee. I go to school at 7.30. I always go there by bus. First lesson starts at 7.45.
On Tuesday I have PE, Biology, Polish, Math, Art and Geography, but today I have school exchange. I finish lessons at 14.00. I eat lunch at 14.30. I do my homework after lunch. In the evening I play computer games or surf the Net. I visit my friend at 18.30. We watch TV. At 8.00 pm I have sport lesson. I play basketball with school team. I some home at 21.00. Event though I'm very tired I must feed my dog and do the washing up. I have shower at 10 pm. Later I read books. I go to bed at 11 pm.
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I woke up at seven o'clock. I had big brekfest. I watched TV after brekfest. About 10 o'clock I went to Jobcenter becouse I'm looking for job. I looking for job about three month. It is not eazy to find job. About 2 o'clock I had metting with my best friend. We had together lunch. Then we went to soppin center. We had great time. About 6 o'clock I made diner for my boyfriend. I made fish and chips. He was very happy about that. Now I'm writting my homework.
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I had a great day. About 8.00 ziadłem breakfast. I was in school I got two szustki. Wruciłem dodomu after school. I played soccer with his friends. We went to ride roweże. So we all went hungry in his own home. OfI ate lunch and I helped dad in the car. I went, I wanted to kolegówi went with me to the pool. Agreed in August and after about 15min were all ready. So I asked my dad to us zawiuzł. About 16.00 we were around the pool. Uczyliśy to swim andwe enjoyed ourselves. After the pool I was rested. pograłem moments dad in chess. Pograłem on necie and I had great day. Suddenly I received a great mobile site with games. I registered at all in August and I was very sczęśliwy. Never go independentmindful