List do koleżanki z wakacji z zagranicy ma tam być co zwiedzam,zwiedzałam mam zamiar zwiedzać ma się znalezć 1.Present Simple-cont,at the moment,now,today 2.Present Simple-yesterday,2 days ago Present Perfect-just,so,for 3.will,going to,tomight,next week



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi (imię koleżanki )!
I have a great time in Rome( lub inne miasto, państwo ). Weather is nice. Every day is sunny. I stayed in small hotel in centre of city with beautiful viev from balcon.
Yesterday I visited a Coloseum. It' beautiful place. I am going to go there again.
Today I went to Venecia. This city is wonderful.
Tommorow I am going to spend all time in hotel in pool because I am very tired.
I hope you have amazing holidays too. I miss you. See you soon.
(twoje imię)
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How are you? Are there any news from Warsaw? What’s about your sister’s weeding party? Is she still being crazy about it?

Well, I'm writing to tell you about my holiday in Great Britain.

I'm in London at the moment. I'm staying in a hotel called "Stargate". My room is great and food is delicious. I love this traditional Full English Breakfast, which contains scrambled eggs, sausage, black pudding, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, and half a tomato. God, I haven't eat so much as far as I can remember. The weather is rather good. It's cloudy but it isn't cold. Well, but it isn't the most important at all.

You know that London is a great city with many monuments and I won't leave it before I will see them all. I was in Madame Tussauds 2 days ago. There are many sculptures of famous people like Shakespeare, Margaret Thatcher, David Beckham or Nicolas Cage. You know what a huge fan of The Beatles I am, and guess what! I had a photo taken with them! What's more, I saw Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge and Big Ben yesterday. I had also a ride on London Eye. I was a bit scared but it was fantastic felling watching the skyline from the capsule above the city.
Today I'm going to go to Harrods - the exclusive department store. Maybe I would buy some clothes if I had enough money.
Tomorrow I'm going to visit the British Museum and the Parliament. Next I'm going to see the Trafalgar Square and the Westminster Abbey.
I'm sure I'm having a great time in there.

I have just finished my breakfast. I haven't eaten so tasty food for ages... Well, ok, since the yesterday morning.
I have to go now. Harrods is waiting!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! I hope you will replay soon telling me something about what you are doing now and I count on some news from Warsaw.

I miss you,


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(Można co nie co powycinać, chociażby opis co jesz na śniadanie)
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