Prosze o napisanie mi odpowiedzi po angielsku do tych pytań :

1. What does your best friend look like?
2. Do polish families prefer to live in citys or in the country ? Why ?
3. Would you like to move house ? why ? why not ?
4. How do yuo spend time with your parends or grandparents ?
5. Do you thing it's good idea for students to wear uniforms? why ? why not?
6. Would you like to do a part time job ?
7. What do you like most : super market , shopping malls or small shops ? why ?
8. What's your idea of a perfect holiday ?
9. What is your favourite kind of entertainment ?
10. How often do you use a mobile phone ?

prosze o napisanie tego bop to zadanie na dodatkowa ocena :)) a ja z języka jestem naprawde słaba



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.My best friend looks like Kate Hundson
2.Polish families prefer to live in citys because life there is so easy and they have many chance to find good job. (myslę ze miało byc citys or villages)
3.No i wouldnt like to move a house becasue i really like my home and i feel good here.
4.When im iwhe my paretns we usually play the game or watch tv.
5.I dont think that wearing uniforms is a good idea because each perosn hasa her/his own style.
6.Yes i would like to do a patr time job becasue i would have more time to study or go with friends.
7.The most i like small shops because there is no people so i can feel comfortable and i can choose what i want without any problems.
8.I think that the best holiday i can spend with firends in mounians.
9.I like going to the cimena.
10.I use my moblie phone very oftne because i have there everythnig.