Napiszcie mi 3 opisy ludzi( trzech osob w sensie ) ze zwruceniem szczegolnej uwagi na talenty tych osob !
jak nie bd tak jak trzeba zglosze spama :)
daje duzo pkt i wymagam ^^
jesi ktos sie czuje dobry w j. ang ;)
to prosze napiszcie ;*



Anna Teliczan is 19 years old. He has got amazing voice. It's certainly her talent. When people hear her they can't belive taht she sings in real.

Alexander Rybak won Eurovision in 2009. He is very talented. He sing and play the violin at the same time. It's really amazing. And he can do it very well. When he was singing and playing the violin people were shouting. So he can also make a good show.

Beyonce is one of the most talented person in musician buisnees.
On concerts she always dance on pegged shoes. How did she do it?
She pratices dancing on pegged shoes many hours a day. She also sing very well. Her CD's are one of the best sellers products.
3 2 3
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
First Person , it's Jasmin ;)
Jasmin Toronton is 19 years old.
The beatiful woman is medium build, tall blonde .
She is confident , smart, open and optimistic person.
She has a lot of friends and big family. People likes her .
She likes parties , music , walking and pets.
She is talented in singing , she makes covers of famous songs.
She would like to be a singer , she recorded 3 cool songs yet.
Since childhood she likes occur on scene, she won 3 competitions of singing.
For a long time she works with famous people .
Everyone wishes her nice future .

Second Person , it's Joe ;)
Joe Kingdom is 25 years old.
He is well-built , tall and handsome man.
He likes drawing , swimming and pretty girls.
Ladies is fighting about him for years.
He also loves traveling , he visited over one houndred countries in the world.
He is open and extroverted person. He is smart and strong.
He is talented in drawing , he made a lot of paints.
His paints are hanging in galeries for numerously years.

The third and last person is Judie ;)
Judie Hamington is 16 years old.
She is slim , flexible gym artistic and dancer
She is medium high brown teenager.
She has brown curly hair and athletic body.
She is talented in dancing .
She is teacher of dance in dance school young people every styl of dancing.
She was dancing with famous dancers and she attended to ballet school.

prosze o naj ;)