Prosze o napisanie mi odpowiedzi po angielsku do tych pytań :

1. What does your best friend look like? ( tutaj chodzi o to jak wyglada moja najlepsza przyjeciólka)
2. Do polish families prefer to live in citys or in the country ? Why ?
3. Would you like to move house ? why ? why not ?
4. How do yuo spend time with your parends or grandparents ?
5. Do you thing it's good idea for students to wear uniforms? why ? why not?
6. Would you like to do a part time job ?
7. What do you like most : super market , shopping malls or small shops ? why ?
8. What's your idea of a perfect holiday ?
9. What is your favourite kind of entertainment ?
10. How often do you use a mobile phone ?

prosze o napisanie tego bop to zadanie na dodatkowa ocena :)) a ja z języka jestem naprawde słaba

jedna osoba mi juz to rozwiazała , ale kilka przykładów jest źle



1. My best friend is blond. She has long hair and blue eyes. She's tall and thin and she's always smile.
2. I think that Polish families prefer live in the city because they can have everything close to them, meet a lot of people, can learn in some good school or university.
3. Sometimes yes - living at home is sometimes hard because of some family stress. But I love my family and from the other side - no, I don't want leave my home.
4. So... we talk together about memories or about the future. I like it because I can learn from them.
5. No, I don't think that's a good idea. Uniforms can make people's thinking in way "I am usual, I am like others". So everyone should can express himself in different ways, also in wearing-style.
6. Yes, I could learn something new.
7. I like small shops - they have own atmosphere, everybody knows you and you know them. That's nice.
8. Perfect holiday for me don't have to be in some expensive exotic country on the beach. Perfect holiday will be when I will with friends who understands me and who can I talk and do some crazy things with. That's not important where you are - the important thing to me is who you are with.
9. My favourite kind of entertainment is being with my friends, talking, crying and laughing together.
10. I use my mobile very often. It's a necessary thing in our times and that would be difficult to live without it.

I think I helped ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) My best friend have big beautiful and blue eyes. She is 15 years old. She has a long, brown hair. I very like him. She is very friendly and helpful.

2) Polish families prefer live in the cities. The cities are best and cool. Why? Because you can go everywhere in everymoment.

3) I don't want live in "moved house" Why? Hmm, I don't it.. I want live in normal home, not in unusual...

4) With my grandfather I like play chess. With my grandma I spend my time at home.

5) I think that wearing uniforms this is very stupid idea. Beacuse it have uncool color and idiot apperance.

6) No!

7) I like to buy via Internet. Because this is easier. My favourite Online shop this is

8) Perfect holiday? To see world. Travelling in the world. Swim in a pacific.

9) My favourite entertainment this is play volleyball and listen my favourite music.

10) Always, all time!! 25 hours per 24h.. :D Hm, why? I like my phone and I have to be all time Online and contact with my friend.

Myślę że pomogłem. Pozdrawiam :)