1) John's hobby is swimming. He swims three times in a week. His favourite swimming style is crawl. John often participates in swimming competitions. He always gets good positions. Last week he was first.

2) Nadia love singing. She has sung since she was eight. She works in opera. When peoples hear her sing, they are moved. Her voice is fantastic.

3) Peter plays keyboard. He is really talented. He can play lots of melodys. Peter also has his own small band. Sometimes he has concerts. Peoples like his music.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Person likes swimming
My sister Kate love swimming. She always goes to the swimmingpool in weekend and Monday. Kate has eight gold medals. She love wather and wather animals. She very long coaches on contest.

/Osoba lubiąca pływać
moja siostra Kasia kocha pływać. Ona zawsze chodzi na basen w weekend i Poniedziałki. Kasia ma 8 złotych medali. Ona kocha wode i zwierzęta wodne. Ona bardzo długo trenuje na zawody./

2. Person likes sing
My dad Jake very likes sing. He sings all the time.He sings in restaurant,,Monkey''. Mum loves listing dad's song. dad has many fans.

Osoba lubiąca śpiewac
Moj tata Jake bardzo lubi śpiewac. On śpiewa cały czas. Śpiewa w restałracji,,Monkey''. mama lubi słuchac jego piosenek. Tata ma wielu fanów.

3. person likes play in keypoard

Rouse loves play in keyboard. She discipline all the time. Rouse goes in musical school. Each listen rouse's keyboars. She play nice music.

Osoba lubiąca grac na kibordzie

Rouse kocha grac na kibordzie. Ona cwiczy cały czas. Rouse chodzi do szkoły muzycznej. Każdy słucha jej, gdy gra. Ona ladnie gra.
1. Adam love swimming. Everyday after school he goes to swimming pool. This is what he loves. Adam can stay in water for long hours. When he was a child he used to started in championships. He have got three gold medals. His idol is Otylia Jędrzejczak.

2. When she was four-years-old girl she sayd that she will be singer. Now she is twenty-two years old woman and she is realy famous pop star. Sharon love her job. Singing - this is what she love. Her voice is amazing.

3. Keyboard is realy strange instument. It's looks like piano but it has different sounds. Georg can't play on keyboard but he try to learn it. This is his hobby and he realy like it. Georg is very ambitious and he belive that he can play on keyboard as Wojciech Konikiewicz
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