Bigos is a very delicious meal. You can find this in traditional polish kitchen. Dish is a part of polish culture. Recipe is very easy. You need: tomatoes, cabbage, dried mushroom, bacon, carrots and spices. Ingredients are gradually mixed with cabbage. Everything cook together slowly in a large pot. It can be preserved in jars. It is usually served at supper.
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Beed and vegetables kebabs.
First of all, put some olive oil, a few herbs, and a little garlic into a bowl ad stir it. Add some lemon juice and a little pepper. Next, prepare the vegetables. First peel a few onions and chop them into big pieces. After that chop some yellow and green peppers. Then cut the beef into square pieces and put it into the bowl with the oil mix. Leave it for two hours. Now you're ready to make kebabs. Put the meat and chopped vegetables onto a skewe with some small tomatoes. Grill kebebs for 101-5 minutes, turning them until the meat is brown on all sides. Finally, serve the kebabs with a little salad and cold drink.