Czy chciałabyś przebywać na stacji kosmicznej?
Dlaczego tak/nie?
Co byś tam robiła , czym się zajmowała?

Wolałabym żebyście napisali wypracowanie , że tak , chcielibyście na niej przebywać.

Wypracowanie mysi być po angielsku i mieć ok 12-17 zdań ;].
Tylko żeby te zdanie nie były bardzo krótkie.
Mam to zadanie na wtorek.

Z góry dziękuję za rozwiązanie!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Would I like to stay in a space station? Yes, of course I would. I think anybody who'd be in my shoes would say the same. I have been always interested in what mysteries the universe conceals. In my opinion, it's really beautiful, thrilling and amazing so I'd love to see it at close range. I am sure I wouldn't be bored there. If I had a chance to stay in a space station I would certainly carry out some important experiments and all that scientific stuff. But at the same time I would also admire the beauty of the universe. I surely would be staring at various heavenly bodies for hours. The Sun, the Moon, the planets of our Solar System and, of course, stars - milions of stars looking like grains of sand in an infinite desert. I would fantasize about what creatures can live somewhere in this huge space. I would just have to look at the Earth in order to see how small our home and we as human beings ourselves are. At last I would check on my own what a lack of gravitation can do with us. That would be a great experience without a shadow of a doubt.