Hi Ann!!
How are you?? I hope you're fine. Thank you for your last letter. I'm writting to you, becouse I want tell you about my new school.
In my new class are sixteen girls and fourteen boys. They're nice and friendly. But one of this boy are different. His name's Marcin, and he's shy and he never talk with other student. But he is very intelligent person.
My teachers are elderly and very strict. They are talk very much and quickly and we can't write this all! I hate this. And I must borrow notes from other student, and it's OK. I haven't any exams yet.
I'm so lucky becouse I live with nice and helpful family. They give me meal and don't shout when I have a mess.
My city is very beautifull. There're a lot of people, car and buildings. I don't know about all monument and interesting places but I'm sightseeing every day.
Maybe you can invite me some weekend?? It will be nice!!
I must go now. See you!!
Love, XYZ
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Hi Ben it's me ;)
How are you ? I hope you have nice life .
For a long time I didn't write to you , sorry about it .
I'm student of Nationaly School English Language in USA .
I'm so glad for this ! I am living at nice family house in Nebraska.
Here is so cool ! The family is fantastic , full of love to each other and with nice atmosphere I'm living here. The city is magical , hot and beautiful place.
My teacher is 25-years old tall blonde and she has talent to teach other people :)
At the school are likeable people , everyone so friendly.
I go to class with 20 girls and 9 boys.
Generally it's cool :) Here I feel so executed. I love it.
waiting for your answer :)

Love, Jimmy
Hi Ben!
I am in class 1b. My class is cool. I 've got a lot of friend. My class always makes me laugh. With them my day is not bored. My teacher is Adam. He has got blond hair and blued eyes. He i 29 years old. I live in famili from Portugal, but they are really nice. I live in London. This city is great. There are milion things to do in this city.