1st day
I went to Madagaskar island with my friends (imiona przyjaciół). I stayed in small hotel on seaside in Mahanoro. The weather was nice and sunny. On sky weren't any clouds.

2nd day
We went to seaside. I wanted to sun bath but my friends wanted to swim so I went with them. For dinner we went to restaurant and ate Madagaskar's food.

3rd day
We visited a Antananarivo, capital of Madagaskar, but there weren't any interesing places. When we returned we played a volleyball on the beach.

4th day
I woke up lately so my friends went to beach without me. All day I read book with breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5th day
All day we played a volleyball. In evening we went to discotheque.

6th day
We came to centre of city. We went to cinema and theatre. Later we went shopping.

7th day
We rested on the beach. I and (imię przyjaciółki) read a books and (imiona reszty przyjaciół) went swimming.

8th day
We played cards on the beach. Later we went swimming and diving.

9th day
We taking photos all time. We packed up our clothes and other things. We went last time to beach.

10th day
We went to airplane and we return to Poland.