1.My room is small but a nice.My room is peach-colourted. Opposite door there is large window.Room divider and desk there are next to the window. Near room divider there is a small dressing table.On middle my room I have got big green bed.

2.My room is small. Walls are bright orange. On the floor is a red carpet. In my room are bed, desk, shelves and wardrobe. My bed is located opposite a door. A window is small. On the first wall are my pistures. On the second wall are my painting. Next walls are empty. Next to the window is a brown chest of drawers. My room is very nice. On the desk standing a lamp and a few boxs. On the wardrobe is hi-fi system because I like listening to music. Next to bed is very big case. I like my room it's really coll!
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My room is big and spacious. When I come in it, I see my desk and computer on it. Behind a desk there are many garderobes. On the left there is my bed and high lamp next to it. In front of bed there is colorful carpet. In my room I,ve got three windows and balcony. I like my room very much.