Nowadays, getting divorced is a thing that happens very often to a huge number of married couples. Is it a good solution? And if not, why not? For whom it can be harmful? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this movement? Let's get straight to the point.
The first advantage is that you do not have to live with each other under one roof anymore. There will be no more quarrels, nobody will be frustrated with their lives. If a married couple get divorced, each of them can find a better significant other and start their lives over again. You can even part company with no anger around. From my point of view, that is a very strong point of getting divorced.
The second advantage is that you are at last free. You earn money only for yourself. No more frustrating duties. You can also date anybody you like - there will be no limits.
On the other hand, there also several disadvantages of getting divorced. One of them is that you are breaking a promise you had made to God. If you are religious, you have to know you are committing a really big sin. Furthermore, you will be not able to have a church wedding anymore. That is a bad side of getting divorced.
Another defect is about children. Such experiences as a lack of mother or father can really affect them. They do not feel enough love if there is only one parent. Few people realize that children are the ones that are the most harmed when their parents are getting divorced.
In conclusion, getting divorced is a complicated case. It is, of course, not forbidden but you have to think over such a movement. You will probably have a better life but you have to think about the others. What about your children? Will they be harmed? And if you are a religious person, what about your life? To God, it is admissible to break a promise that both of you had made to Him. You should realize what results getting divorced can bring along.