Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Present simple:

I like dogs.
I don't like dogs.
Do you like dogs?

I work very hard.
I don't work very hard.
Do you work very hard?

Present Continuous:

I'm writing a letter.
I don't writing a letter.
Do you writing a letter?

I am taking my bag.
I don't taking my bag.
Do you taking my bag?

Present Perfect:

I have eaten Asian food.
I haven't eaten Asian food.
Have you eaten Asian food?

I have passed the exam.
I haven't passed the exam.
Have you passed the exam ?

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1.Present simple

I always cook dinner on Sunday.
My friend usually goes to school five times a week.

My mum does not clean my room often.
They do not alwyas eat breakfast at 10.00 in the morning.

Where do you go on Saturday evenings?
Who do you go to school with?(trudnijsze na lepszą ocenę:))
Does she sometimes paint the fence?

2.Present Continous

I am doing homework now.
They are watering the plant now.

She isn't working in the garden at the moment.
They are not learning biology now.

Why are you talking on your mobile phone now?
Who is drinking drinking juice at the monent?

3. Present Perfect

I have just done the shopping.
He has already opened the window.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet.
She hasn't bought bread yet.

Have you ever been to Japan?
Where has she gone lately?