Horse is big mammal. It can run fast.

Owl is realy clever bird. It sleeps when it's light and hunt at night.

Snake is long. It lives in different places like jungle or forest.

Butterfly is beutyful insect. It lives only few days.
Horse <koń>

A horses usually are brown. It have big eyes and beautiful brown mane. People very like a horses.

Parrot <papuga>

Parrots are very talkative. It is colorfull. People keep parrots in the cage.

Snake <wąż>

Snake are long. Some snakes can kill people and are very dangerous.

Butterfly are very colorfull. It can fly. This inscect live everywhere.
horse- a large strong animal that people ride and use for pulling heavy things

parrot- a tropical bird with a curved beak and brightly coloured feathers that can be taught to copy human speech

snake- an animal with a long thin body and no legs, that often has a poisonous bite

butterfly- a type of insect that has large wings, often with beautiful colours