Wstaw odpowiedni czas. Past Simple Past Continous lub Past Perfect:
1.When i got to the office the secretery (already go) home.
2.Who (you wai) for when i arrived?
3.They (build) many factories in this part of the town in 1990.
4.Someone stole my cigarettes when I (no look) .
5.I wanted to borrow this car but she (already lend) it to someone else.
6.She (wear) her new jacket when i saw her.
7.I suddenly realized than I (lose) my passport.
8.I didn't go to their weeding because nobody (tell) me about it.
9.I (see) him at the museum yesterday afternon.
10.How many years (you study) English when you applied for that job?
11.He (lay) on the road when theh found him.
12.He was tired because he (work) the previous night.
13.I got up at 7 and then i (have) a big breakfast.
14.He told me all what he (do) the night before.
15.He said that he (never be) so happy.
16.He asked her if she (ever drink) beer.
17.He (find) a new position at the advertising company last week.
18.By the time the course finished I (know) all the irregular verbs.
19.Mr. Brown (have) a shover when i knocked on his door.
20.I turned the radio off. Nobody (listen) to it.



1.When i got to the office the secretery has already go home.
1. had already gone
2. had you been waiting
3. built
4. wasn't looking
5. had already lent
6. was wearing
7. had lost
8. had told
9. saw
10. had you been studying
11. was laying
12. had been working
13. had
14. was doing
15. had never been
16. had ever drunk
17. found
18. had known
19. was having
20. was listening