Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The Japanese Garden in Wroclaw Szczytnicki Park was founded in 1913. Nowadays The Japanese Garden fulfills the requirements of Japanese garden art. There are a lot of Asiatic plants which attract the attention of throughout the year.
In the garden area there are 26 kinds of plants which grow naturally only in Japan and 28 kinds of plants growing only in Japan and East Asia. There are two water cascades: female which is on the north bank of the pond and male on the south bank. There are a lot of wooden structures, for example: a large gate, bridge and two tea houses. There are also stone Japanese lanterns.
The Garden was initiated by an earl of Fritza von Hochberga and Japanese gardener Mankichi Arai in connection with the World Exhibition. After the exhibition most Japanese things were removed because these things had been rented. In 1996-97 the Japanese Garden was rebuilt under Yoshiki Takamura's supervision. Two months after the opening in 1997 the garden was flooded. About 70% of plants needed to have been exchanged. In 1999 the Garden was opened again.
Nowadays The Japanese Garden composes a unique scrap of Japanese culture in Europe.
In my opinion, this garden has two functions. First, people can relax as they walk in the garden and they don't have to pay a lot of money. And secondly, people can also get to know a part of the culture of Far East.

Jeśli pomogłam to czekam na Najkę ;]
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