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Wystawiam Najlepszą

Chodzi mi o zdania od 41 do 64




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
41. -How long have the turtle? - Henry is in our family for about eighty years. Grandfather brought it from Greece.
42. I wash the turtle for more than an hour and it still looks dirty.
43.Look at Uncle Mietek: barely keeps on his feet. Drinking again.
44.Since yesterday, I improved the work of ten semester.
45.Since yesterday, I improve the work of his students yearly.
46.The whole day today, pulled weeds in the garden.
47.The tap drips since tygodnia.Najwyższy time you changed the gasket.
48.I have always believed that money is the most important thing in life.
49.This journal is published from the end of the Second World War.
50.-What feeds cat? - Yes, I gave him leftovers from yesterday's lunch for half an hour ago.
51.-Have you seen "Pulp Fiction"? Yes, last week. -Did you? - Yes.
52.This is the best car ever drove.
53.This will be my first visit to England.
54.This was the second time that I robbed that year.
55.It's a shame not to know who wrote "Crime and punishment"
56.You're too late. Professor just came out.
57.Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower?
58.Have you ever been to a concert John Lennon'a?
59.For ten years I worked as a lecturer at the university. Then I set up my own frmę a lawyer.
60.Yesterday I worked in a field of six in the morning to two in the afternoon.
61.I collected just to go out when I heard something that beeps in the closet.
62.When I entered the branch, was shot monkey done.
63.- What were you doing yesterday at eight in the morning? - Tasty himself slept.
64.It was a beautiful spring morning: the sun shone, birds sang. Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods, whistling merrily, when suddenly from behind a tree jumped out a huge wolf.

Myślę,że pomogłam :]] :* :*

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41.Since when have you had this turtle ? Henrik has been the part of our family for about 80 years or so. Grandpa got him from Greece.
42.I have been cleaning this turtle for over one hour, but it still seems like dirty.
43.Look at uncle Mietek, (he cannot even stand still/he barely keeps his feet on the ground). He has been drinking again.
44.Since yesterday, I have corrected ten term papers.
45.Since yesterday, I have been correcting my students(apostrof) term papers.
46.I have been pulling out weeds all day.
47.The tap has been dripping all week.It is high time for you to change the washer.
48.I have always considered the money to be the most significant thing in life.
49.This magazine has been being published since the end of the Sencond World War.
50.Have you fed the cat yet ? Yes, I gave it yesterday(apostrof)s dinners(apostrof) leftovers about half an hour ago.
51.Have you seen Pulp Fiction yet ? Yes, I saw it a week ago. Did you like it ? Yup.
52.This is the best car I have ever been driving so far.
53.This is going to be the first time I am in England.
54.That was the second time, since I had been robbed a year ago.
55.This is a disgrace not to know who has written the Z&K.
56.You are late. The professor has just left.
57.Have you even seen the Eiffel tower ?
58.Have you ever been to John Lenon(apostrof)s concert ?
59.For 10 years I have been working as a lecturer at the university. After that, I established my own lawyer company.
60.Yesterday, I was working on a field from 6am to 2 pm.
61.I was just about to go out, when I heard something squeaking in a wardrobe.
62.When I went into the ward, an injection was being made to the monkey.
63.What were you doing yesterday at 8am ? I was having a good night sleep.
64.It was a captivating spring morning: the sun was shining and the birds were singing.LRRH was walking through the woods gaily whistling, when suddenly a tremendous wolf popped out from behind the tree.
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