I was born in 1986.
I ate a breakfast at school.
You cut your finger yesterday
she met alex last summer
Michael jakson was very good singer.
Alexander rybak was very sweet

Did you eat some food today??
Did she was in france in 2009??

Did your mother and dad married 20 yers ago?

Did you loved me 2 yers ago?

Did he drivea car when he was younger?

I didn't was in oslo last holiday.
I didn't cut my leg when I was teenager.
I didn't like she when we was younger
They didn;t show the train acident in oslo.
2 5 2
1. Susan first did her biology homework, then she wrote an essey.
2. Justin and his sister ate dinner at 4p.m .
3. My mother washed the dishes two minutes ago.
4. Jessica and Paul sit at the same table in pub.
5. I said that you had a test tomorrow.

1. When did you arrive ?
2. What did you eat for a breakfast week ago ?
3. Did you vistit your grandma yesterday ?
4. Was she at school two days ago ?
5. When did he write this poem ?

1. I didn't know that the weather was ugly.
2. She wasn't at school yesterday.
3. Dennis didn't drink tea .
4. My sister didn't want get a t-shirt for a birthday.
5. He didn't live there.
1.I learned in 1984.
Uczyłem się w 1984r.

2.He liked a football.
On lubił piłkę nożną.

3.Yesterday I worked very hard.
Wczoraj pracowałem bardzo ciężko.

4.They tried the soup.
Spróbowali zupy.

5.She visited Spain last year.
Ona odwiedziła Hiszpanię w zeszłym roku.


1.Did you see that?
Widziałeś to?

2.Did he speak to Kasia yesterday?
Czy on rozmawiał z Kasią wczoraj?

3.When did you buy this car?
Kiedy kupiliście ten samochód?

4.Did she go to shopping?
Ona poszła na zakupy?

5.When did your son write the letter?
Kiedy Twój syn napisał list?


1.We didn't go to the cinema yesterday.
Wczoraj nie poszliśmy do kina.

2.He didn't take her to restaurant last weekend.
On nie zabrał jej do restauracji w poprzedni weekend.

3.We didn't read the book.
Nie przeczytaliśmy książki.

4.They didn't run.
Oni nie biegali.

5. He didn't ride a horse.
On nie jeździł konno