czy mógłby mi ktoś napisać minimum 10 zdań w języku angielskim o Świętach Bożego Narodzenia!! Proszę nie pisać w tym sposób np. Moje Święta są takie i takie. Tylko coś takiego, że Święta Bożego Narodzenia obchodzi się.... z góry dzięki



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On Christmas Eve morning the youngest person in the family (that is me) has to decorate the Christmas tree. I decorate it with special electric candlies, colourful balls and chains made of silver and gold paper. At the top of the tree there is a big star with a little bulb inside.While I decorate the tree my sister helps my mother in the kitchen. They prepare traditional Polish dishes for the Christmas Eve Supper.We eat some of these dishes only once a year - just on this special evening.
On Christmas morning we all go to church. Then we go for a very long walk. Afterwards we go to my Grandmother and we eat Christmas dinner.
On the second day of Christmas we visit some family friends or they visit us.
I like Christmas very much because it is a very joyful festival. Everybody is happy and relaxed. There is a lot of delicious food and what is more important I get many wonderful presents.
In some Christian churches Christmas begins on the day preceding the anniversary of the birth of Jesus - Christmas Eve (evening Dec 24), known in Poland, regionally or Godami asterisk. On this tradition in Poland is a quality post (meatless, in certain regions of the country is close to post). The climax of the gala dinner, to which tradition dictated to sit when you see the first stars in the sky, in remembrance of the star leading the Magi to the stable.

Celebrating Christmas Eve, or traditional post on that date are not common to all Christians, Protestants did not keep such special provisions with regard to eating or not eating meat.