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The cult of celebrities is unjustified. Do you agree with it?

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Yes, I agree with this sentence. I think that nowadays all celebrities like actors or singers are treated like a God. When somebody discovers one of his idol walking on the street, he behaves like crazy and his first question is "Will you give me an autograph?". That's ridiculous and I think that it's also annoying to the celebrity, if somebody acts like that. This cult of celebrities is also bad, because army of paparazzis are irritating famous people by making them thousands of photos to magazines that many people read. We want to know everything about our favourite stars, but being photographed while going to shop for food is too much for them. Celebrities must live like that, and this is only our fault. If we wouldn't be so interested in their lives, gossip magazines wouldn't sell so well, and celebrities would have better life. Mass media are also creating untrue stories about celebrities, because they know, that we will buy magazine with sensational title. Even if its only untruth.
I think it shouldn't be like that. Culting celebrities is only damaging famous people. We should only enjoy their work and deed without interacting in their personal lives.
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