Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
+ Hello! How are you?
- I'm fine, you know Christmas have ended and I returned to normal live.
+ Yeah... Where did you spend your Christmas?
- Oh, I was at home with my family. And you?
+ I was with my family in France. It was great! We spend a lto of time for science and we saw a lot of new things.
- Great. We had super Christmas too. We sang carrols and unsqueezed presents It was wonderful time.
+ Yeah, We did it too. But teh most i loved in this Christmas was atmosfer in our family It was amazing!
- I understood this, we had this atmosfer too. I loved it!
+ So You can't wait for the next Christmas?
- eah, I can't. But now I have to go. So bye bye.
+ OK. Bye bye :*
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-Merry Christmas, Tom.
-Merry Christmas, Jenny. Haven't you made christmas shopping yet?
-No, I haven't any time. And you?
-I forgot about sugar and eggs. I had to make a cake, but I can't without this things.
-What cake?
-Yummy. Good luck!
-Thanks. See you later Tom.
-Good bye, Jenny.
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