1. Pick up a man, preferably hot, brain not necessary.
2. Take him home with you. If you are semi-decent looking, he'll go with you easily.
3. Let him spend the night. Doesn't matter how good/bad looking you are - he'll definitely stay.
4. In the morning ask for an omelette for breakfast. If he had a semi-decent night with you, he'll gladly make it for you in anticipation for another rendez-vous with you.
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* 2 eggs
* 1 - 2 spoonfulfuls of butter
* 1 spoonful of cold water
* salt, pepper Preparation:

Well to pound Entire eggs with the fork or with the spring, adding water, salt and pepper. To put the dry frying pan on the minute fire, then to increase the flame, to heat butter up, but not to brown, to pour pasteurized eggs. To fry without covering on the high fire, as far as edges of the omelette will curdle. Then to prise them off with the spatula one by one from every side so that liquid pasteurized eggs are at the bottom of the frying pan. The omelette is frying not longer than 2 minutes, from the bulk of eggs a bit longer. * Individually to spread prepared supplements on one half of the omelette. To slide the omelette down from the frying pan from the side of supplements; when one half of the omelette is already on the plate, to cover her with a brisk movement of the frying pan with, stuffed second-half being in a centre of the omelette.
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