Witam, mam napisać czy zgadzam się czy nie z daną opinią i uzasadnić dlaczego. Po kilka zdań do każdego, jeśli można.

1. Men cook as a hobby, women cook because they have to.
2. Vegetarians are healthier than people who eat a lot of meat.
3. You can often eat better in cheap restaurant than in expensive ones.
4. Every country thinks that their cooking is the best.
5. Young people today eat less healthily than 10 yrs ago.

Z góry dziekuje.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.No, woman doesn't have to cook. Sometimes a man cooks in home for him family. Man and woman cook becouse they have to, sometimes want to and it's their hobby.
2.No, people who eat meat they have other witamins or the same.
People who are vegetarians they sometimes have too little vitamins in their body.
3.Sometimes when i have more money i can go to expensive restaurant, but food in cheap restaurats is better.
4.No, i think every country likes their cooking but they like the other cooking in every country in the world.
5. I think it can be true. Today we have more hot dogs and hamburgers and children eat this, it's not heal!

Proszę :) Gdyby coś było niejasne-napisz ;)