1. 6 zdań ze słowami: surprised, excited, worried, bored, depressed, frightened
2. 2 dialogi napisze zadanie: role-play the dialogues in the situations. 1. your friend wants to buy pyjamas that look as if they are for an elderly person. Persuade him/her to buy something for a teenager. 2. Your friend hates buying clothes and wants to buy the first pair of jeans he/she sees in the shop. Persuade him/her to try them on and see if they are OK. Proszę o pomoc :D



1. She was suprised, because she won a lottery.
He was so excited, he got a job.
I know you're worried, but I promise, I will get you this CD yesterday.
They was bored, because there weren't any interesing programs in TV.
She was thrwing out of work, so she was depressed.
He was frightened, because he saw orange flames next to his house.

2. -What you think about this pyjama?
-It's beautiful but I think it's look like for your grandma.
-This frills and this color... You should take something for you.
-If you think that. Ok.

-This jeans is ok.
-You looked at them 5 seconds. You must check them.
-I don't want. I hate buying clothes. You know.
-Ok, I check.
-If you want...
-It's hole here!
-Ok... And what you think about this jeans?
-Oh, Lucy (lub inne imię)