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Essay - Coal will not last forever.(providing solution to the problem). (what alternative sources of energy can we use? (250-300 słów). tylko nie korzystajcie z tłumacza, bo błędy znajdę, po prostu chodzi o tekst...kompletnie nie mam pojęcia jakie argumenty można dać :/( i to ma być tekst! a nie argumenty za 70 pkt.) :))
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Essay - Coal will not last forever.

Coal is the most popular and mainly mined fuel in our country. It is used in many different ways of everyday life. Power plants use it to produce energy, people buy it to heat their houses and it has many other uses not mentioned by me.
But there is one important thing that, people does not seems to realize - it
is a fossil fuel, so its deposits will finish some day.What we will do then?
We should consider the use of alternative - infinite energy sources, which are given by the nature.I will introduce two - in my opinion - best solutions.

First of all, I would like to consider solar energy.
Many people say that It is the best solution for the Environment - absolutely pollution free solution.I agree with that, but in my opinion it is not so good as everybody say. I think, technology did not grew up to use this method. Its still low-efficiency and very expensive method.I believe that science will overcome these problems soon, but not now.

Second proposition is nuclear power.
As everyone know, nuclear power is terrifying, but in this stadium of science - it could be tamed. It is pretty clean method for producing energy and very efficient. Skeptical of this solution people main argument against it is the tragedy of Chernobyl. I do not agree with it, today nuclear technology provides maximal safe solutions. Nuclear reactors are controlled and well secured, with eliminates problem of Chernobyl tragedy. In the other hand there are few true arguments against usage of nuclear technology - the radioactive toxic waste.
We still do not have places to dispose this, we can only store it for few hundred of years.What is more, radioactive fuel is fossil fuel too.
All in all, i think we should choose nuclear power to produce energy. Its fossil, but before it runs out we will develop better method for our electrical problems.
But we are humans, electric demand will grow. And after that, we will need better solution.