Complete the sentences with the correct from of the going to future.
Przykład:They...across the USA next year.(drive)
They are going to drive across the USA next year.
-) a hotel.(not stay) We... .(camp)
-)How Australia?(you and your family/be)
-)I am .... you the answers.(not tell)
-)Spike's parents....her next week.(visit)
-)...the football final on TV?(you/watch)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-)We are not going to stay in a hotel. We are going to stay in camp.
-)How long are you and your family going to be in Australia?
-)I am not going to tell you the answers.
-)Spike's parents are going to visit her next week.
-)Are you ging to watch the football final on TV?
We dont staying in a hotel. We are going in camp
How long you and your family being in Australia
Im dont tell you the answers
Spike s parensts visit her next week
Are you watching football final on TV
Are not going to stay, we are going to camp
Are you and your family goimg to by?
am not goim to tell
are goimg to visit
Are you going to watch