Turning on in this remarkably important discussion the Komitet of Nauk of Geologicznych PAN desires to turn on 10 fundamental aspects attention this problem, connected from functioning the geosystemu inseparably – the compiled correlation of processes setting in lithosphere, the hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Their acquaintance should lie at bases' undertaken interfering in geosystem decisions rationally and responsably.

Her surface and atmosphere which be heated by radiation sunny about cyclically changing intensity 1. Klimat of Ziemi be shaped by interaction. The year - old circulation of Ziemi on climate influences round Słońca, the thermology and change of flow of waters circulating in oceans, the movement of masses of air, arrangement of mountain massifs, and in perspective of geological time also their uplifting and erosion as well as change in distribution of continents as a result of them continuous wanders.

2. geological Badania prove niezbicie that changeability stood it is in whole her history the basic feature of climate of Ziemi and changes set in overlapping cycles about different length – from a few hundred thousand to a dozen or so summers. Longer climatical cycles be called out by cosmic factors about astronomical character and the change of parameters of orbit Ziemi, and shorter – by regional factors and local. Not all causes of changes of climate and phenomenon klimatotwórcze became fully recognized yet.

3. Choć considerably warmer climate in history of Ziemi predominated from present, it came to powerful, global coolings many times, which the development of extensive glaciations was effect always reaching sometimes to tropical zone. Therefore the credible prognose the changes of climate of Ziemi, not saying about desire them the prevention, formation or the counteraction, badan of her geological past has to take under attention results – and the public meeting of time, when the mankind (and the industry!) it was not on our planet.

4. Od twelf thousand years Ziemia is in next phaze of serial warming up and is in vicinity his maximum intensity. In only tylko quaternary, that is in draught ostatnich 2.5 of million years, warm periods alternated from glaciations many the times, what was recognized well already.

5. the companions' Obecnemu warming up the growth of content of greenhouse gases in atmosphere: it among them predominates the steam, and m.in. in smaller quantities steps out the dioxide of carbon, methane, oxides of nitrogen and ozone. So cannon oneself always because this connected from serial warming nierozłącznie phenomenon is and cooling. The periodical growth of quantity of greenhouse gases in atmosphere, sometimes even to several the times larger value in comparison with present state he, accompanied the more former warmings up, also before appearing on Ziemi the man.

6. W draught ostatnich 400 thousand years – yet without man's part – content CO2 in air, as ice cores prove from Antarktydy this already, 4 - krotnie was similar, and even higher from present value. Near end ostatniego glaciation(!) she she, in draught a few hundred years, average year - old temperature of globe changed the a couple of times, in total growed up about 10 almost ° C(!!) on hemisphere northern – and former public meeting then change more drastic non comparing than today observed.

7. W last millennium, after warm period, with end XIII age, cool period began lasting to half XIX in.in which we , warming up for what came again, live just. Observed today the phenomenon, in peculiarity the transitory growth of global temperature, they result with natural rhythm of changes of climate. The warming oneself oceans of May the smaller ability of absorbing the dioxide of carbon, and the reducing the area of manyyears' zmarzliny leads to quicker schedule of organic contained relationships in soil and the same, to enlarged emission of greenhouse gases. From it billion years the volcanic activity of Ziemi along borders of plates of lithosphere, secretive mainly under surface of oceans, delivers the steels to her the atmosphere CO2, though with different intensity. In geosystemie gas this be removed from atmosphere to biosphere and lithosphere across process of photosynthesis, lace-up in alive organisms – in this in węglanowych shells of sea organisms, and after their necrosis stored in gigantic layers of limestones on gout starve and the oceans; in turn on land he be lace-up in different organic settlings.

Little 8. Szczegółowy monitoring of climatical parameters be led over 200 years, it concerns the tylko part of continents which make up 28% globe only just. Hi the older measuring put stations formerly on edges of cities, as a result of progressive urbanization, it found in their grounds today. This influences, the boundary strip different, on growth of measured values of temperature. The investigations of huge skies of oceans became begun hardly before 40 years. So short measuring periods do not let sure bases' then the creating fully the credible models of thermal changes on surface of Ziemi, and their correctness is difficult to verification. Therefore one should ruthlessly to keep the going moderation in attribution the man sole far, or even if tylko predominant the, enlarged the emissions of greenhouse gases for responsibility, when truth of such statement did not was prove.

9. does Nie undergo the doubt, that in sure the part the growth of quantity of greenhouse gases, concretely CO2, he be connected with the man's activity and therefore undertaking for limitation the steps this quantity on principles of sedate development be indicated, it in first line will stop extensive the wylesień, particularly in tropical regions. Equally legitimate it is undertaking and leadership proper workings adaptive, which the results of present heating trend will soften.

10. investigative Doświadczenie in field of sciences about Ziemi tells, that the, leaning on one-sided observations, translating the natural phenomena without taking into account the of factors decisive about concrete processes in geosystemie pluralities, it leads with rule to excessive simplifying and the incorrect conclusions. Incorrect politicians' undertaken about support about incomplete team of data decisions can be also. In such conditions easily about – ornamented with correctness political – lobbing inspired by interested on example with sale vertebrae particularly expensive, be so called ecological, energetistic technologies storing (sekwestracja) CO2 in deposits already exploited. This with natural reality has not many common. The undertaking of radical and enormously expensive economic workings aiming to limitation of emission of only chosen greenhouse gases, in situation of lack of many-sided analysis setting changes of climate, moire to bring to completely different results than waited.

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