Last film I saw was "Forrest Gump". Directed by Robert Zemecki. The main character is a young man Forrest Gump He told the story of his life. It is not only interesting but also beautiful and moving. Forrest Gump had in his life one authority - his mother. All the time he repeated her words. In the film Forrest Gump is acted by Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump was a champion of baseball, a soldier in the Vietnamese war as well as he made fortune on shrimps. He lives in a completely different world. He is a good, honest man,all his life he is regarded as a stupid man. All the time he worries about his friend Jenny, he loves her very much. he marries her and they have a son Forrest junior.
Tom Hanks received an Oscar for realistic acting. Besides the producers of the film were awarded 6 Oscars. it Is one of the best films I have ever watched
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My favorite movie is, even once. "
One day I looked at TVN film entitled: "Even Once." I am very liked this movie: there was little action, funny situations, and above all I liked the main characters life. At the beginning of Paul and Kate met in the situation is not skillful. Left nd the sea on holiday there is love and closer together, but from many of their united love. Mum Kasia - Anna and dad Paul - Michael wyjehali the same day in the mountains. jecha had with friends but went alone. and I do not like the beginning of each But then empt the loved. They were together.
This movie I liked very.

może być??
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