Hi paul :)
how are you? i hope you are ok.
i didn't see you for a long time what a pity.
what do you think about come to me? i think it's super idea!
we will have great time! we can go to the club i know how you like dance. and everyday we will walk and talk. we will do everything together! cook, wash, watch tv, shopping. i miss you so much i hope you liked my idea :)
salute my friend ! bye bye see you soon!
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
13th December,2009

Dear Tom,
You propably won't believe it but I've finally moved to a new apartment in Gdynia!It just feels great!The flat isn't big,but it's in a peaceful neighbourhood.It's cool to have a room of my own finally and and to get up when I want to.What's more,it only takes 20minutes on foot to the college from here.
I'd love it if you could come and stay with me in my new apartment.Tricity is a very interesting and fantastic place with many attractions , so you won't be bored.We have beautiful sea and promenade in Gdynia.Also there're many clubs and cinemas, which you love.
I realy hope to see you soon.
Lots of love,
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