Mam przerobić na passive voice
1They are building a school in our town.
2Nobody has ever used this book.
3The postman leaves the letters at my neighbor's
4 I am reading a newspaper
5 He informed the police
6 The students will bring the books.
7 John was repairing a bicycle.
8 Tolkien wrote "The lord of the rings"
9 Someone made this clock in Switzerland in 1870
10 Jim prepared everything before Stev came in
11 Tony is doing his homework
12 The wind ruined all the crops
13 Sarah have just finished the dinner.
14 Steve will give speech tomorrow.
15 I wash up the dishes almost every day.
16 My brother drew this picture
17 Someone has drunk my cup of tea
18 The girls will make the sandwiches
19 Someone is following me.
20 You should keep butter in the fridge.
21 Joe has read this magazine.
22 My brother usually washes the dishes.
23 Paul ate en apple
24 The thief opened the window before we came in.
25 Susan was watering the flowers when I came in.
26 Greg has just repaired the computer.
27 My friend will install Windows 2000 on my computer.
28 Adam is writing his project for history.
29 The cleans her room every weekend
30 This publishing house issued two great books last year.

Dziękuje z góry

Mam to przerobić na passive Voice, a nie przetłumaczyć. Co znaczą też wiem, lecz mylą mi się czasy. Mam ang dopiero od liceum i chciałbym aby ktoś mi pomógł.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1) A school is being built in our town by they.
2) This book has ever been used.
3) The letters are left at my neighbour's by the postman.
4) A newspaper is being read by me.
5) The police was informed by him.
6) The books will be brought by the students.
7) A bicycle was being repaired by John.
8) 'The lord of the rings' was wrote by Tolkien.
9) This clock was made in Switzerland in 1870.
10) Everything was prepared before Stev came in by Jim.
11) The homework is being did by Tony.
12) All the crops was ruined by the wind.
13) The dinner has just been finished by Sarah.
14) Speech will be gave tommorow by Steve.
15) The dishes are washed up almost every day by me.
16) This picture was drew by my brother.
17) My cup of tea has been drunk.
18) The sandwiches will be made by the girls.
19) I am being followed.
20) Butter should kept in the fridge.
21) This magazine has been read by John.
22) The dishes are usually washed by my brother.
23) An apple was ate by Paul.
24) The window was opened before we came in by the thief.
25) The flowers was being waterd when I came in by Susan.
26) The computer has just been repaired by Greg.
27) Windows 2000 will be installed on my computer by my friend.
28) The project is being wrote for history by Adam.
29) Her room is cleaned every weekend by The.
30) Two great books was issued last year by this publishing house.

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