Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Hey Alex !
-Hej John, what's up ?
J- I just got back from holiday.
A- Really ? Where you were ?
J- I was in Hawaii, and it was great ! :) But I had a little adventure.
A- Ooo...what happened ?
J- When I was at the airport I noticed that I havn't my passport. I was little afraid.
A- And what happened next ?
J-I was looking for it everywhere, but nowhere it didn't. After a moment I remembered that I left the wallet in the toilet. I ran there fast, and luckily he was still there. It was a strange adventure.
A- Well, that you got him.
J-Yeah, sure. Sorry I must go now. Bye :)
A- Bye :)
-Hi Ann, how are you?
-Oh, hi! I'm fine, and you? How about your vacations?
-My vacations... Hm, it was horrible.
-So, could you tell me what happend?
-If you like to listen it, okay... I decided to spend my vacations in torrid and magnificient Greece. My mother told me that I should travel by a plane - it's faster way to go to Greece. I thought that it will be great experience...
-And what happend?
-When I was standing in a line I noticed I haven't got my passport.
-Oh my God!
-I was so nervous and disoriented... I decided that I must go looking for help. I found security guard and I asked if he liked to help me looking for my passport. In the beggining I thought it will be the end because the guard only looked around and gone away...
-He shouldn't do it!
-No, he only went to the exit. He noticed that near the door was laying my passport!
-Probably you was so happy.
-Hm... Not at all.
-But... You found your doccuments! What's wrong, why you weren't happy?
-Because in time when I was thanking to guard, my plane flied away to Greece... without me!
-That's too bad...
-Yeah, I know. Maybe next year I will go to Greece...