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Brian Molko Biography

Brian molko was born on 10th december 1972 in Belgium. He started Primary School in 1979 and he finished it in 1985. He studied acting in Goldsmith College in London. He studied in American school in Luxembourg before, where also Stefan Olsdal studied, which Brian founded the band - Placebo in 1994. Brian plays the guitar, bass guitar, harmonica and keyboards, but in the band he's primarily a vocalist and guitarist. Molko, perceived initially as misfit, bisexual and androgynous strangely dressed person, was appreciated as a talented musician and songwriter. He now lives in London, where he educates his son, Cody, whom she gave birth to his wife - Helena Berg, photographer. But he is still a musician in Placebo. Their next album - "Battle for the Sun" appeared on 5th of June 2009.

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