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In the picture I can see a student class that is probably spending time on art lesson. In the foreground I can see a girl which is painting picture with brush. The teacher is standing near her and he is showing something on her picture. I think that he is trying to help her to improve her artwork. In the background there are other students from the class drawing and painting something. I think that students are enjoying this lesson, because their are smiling and happy. In my opinion art lessons in school are very important, because they are helping students to improve their imagination, art skills and this lessons are cool, so students will probably enjoy them as we see on this picture.
In this picture I can see one men and some childrens who is sitiing on the desks. I think it is teacher of art lesson and his claas. In the foreground I see this men and young girl. She is painting big yellow flowers in vase and teacher is helping her. He is showing her something in her painting. In the background I see the rest of class. Some of them are boring. One boy are eating sandwiches. Other are painting something and they are concentrating on this. Two of them are hanging their painting on the exhibit. I think teacher likes his job. He is smiling.

1. I think that some of them yes. Becouse they look happy, and it seems to me that they are concentrate.

2. For someone, who have talent or who are interesting in art this lesson is very important. They can improve their skill and they can shows their painting on schools exibition.
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On this picture I can see that, this photo was probably took during the lesson. On first plan teacher give some advice for his student. Rest of all are paint too. In picture which that small lady is drawing we can see waze with yellow plant. However it look like 'sunflowers' by Van Gogh.

I think the students are enjoy the lesson because they like to paint and it give satisfation for them.

It is quite important.. Because often students have to show something. What they can do or they just want to exchange their emotion.