Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- Good morning, this is "Sunny Cinema". How can I help you?
- Hi, I want to buy tickets for the "Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince", which will be shown in your cinema next Saturday, at 8 o'clock PM.
- How many tickets do you want to buy?
- Three, one for me and two for my children.
- Ok, what is your credit card number?
- It's (tu podaj nr karty jaki chcesz).
- And your adress?
- (tu jakiś adres, np. Poznańska 15, Warszawa)
- Would like anytking else?
- No, thanks, that's all.
- Ok, hope you enjoy film, goodbye.
- Bye.
2 4 2
- helo?
- Helo, I would like to buy tickets for the today's show of the film Twilight.
-Ok on when for you is booking tickets?
-hmm for Saturday to the show about 15 p.m
-For you he will be paying in cash or with the transfer?
-With transfer, my card number it 44883938363
-Ok thanks. Can I ask the address?
-Oczywiście, Szkolna ulica dom numer 6
-thank, tickets will be at you tomorrow
-Ok thanks, bye
4 2 4