Not all knowledge < know > has been taken your nickname properly (suitable) where from? Mandaryna? I answered on this question really many cases (together; times). It has been taken from my young lady's surname Mandrykiewicz. And this surname was for hard for kids in primary school and I przezywali Mandaryna. And become (stay) in (to) secondary school so also, but I introduced it on studios (studies) in whole already already Mandaryna. But that is funny, sometime my father was in primary school just the same przezywany. It has said me about recently it, that it was called Mandarynem. You was wife showmana and singer (song-writer) Michała Wiśniewskiego. Where from idea has been taken , that (in order to) begin singing. That was as small girl your motivation? On my great request, I was led (introduced) by my mum for children's group. There lat (summer; year) beguile by seven and I sang and I danced. Then, < sweat > I danced mainly, but I have met later Michała and it sang mainly . I had these dreams from rear of head and never I have forgotten about them. When convenient conditions were and situation will stuff for it, could make something in this direction in order to, I have made it simply. And certainly < obvious > it has helped in (to) very me it Michał. How is there? One say, that you fail to sing live, that you are compromised only, but your plates (discs) buy other and they believe you. It say, you judge about vocal abilities that . You know, I is not wanted to translate, that I am not camel. And certainly < obvious > never not have I jazz music not zaśpiewałabym, neither some (certain) heavy rock, because intention is too not such. I sing music , I make whole choreographic framing for which (who) and I is not wanted to translate from it completely. However, I work outsized. Certainly < obvious > verdict will expel (will issue) for (after) all unfortunate already it " sopot ", sometime which (who) can it beguile will stuff - it will go to forgetfulness -, because it has been lodged on this mass of other situation beyond singing. Then, I was not prepared if, I would not make it it. Surely I would break (would fracture) leg, either (or) hand knowing, that there something will follow (will step) such. I sing on concerts live and not live, with people case (together; time) and without people. I sing with other two persons else. So, I know where (how far) I go on stage. She (it) is my and my people (people) know , which (who) take a stand from (with) I, it know perfectly already. Fans, which (who) it under stage stand feel and they hear. Therefore, I invite on concerts. As you react to criticism, because it's known < known >, fans happen and antifans. As you advise e.g. in situation, when persons are on concert, leave (go out) to your part crying unpleasant word? If performance opened really can come game all. Such situations happen , but really, it is very not enough (little) . I not have I already properly (suitably) . I had worst moment for (after) exactly it " sopot ", when on stage so awfully fear leave (go out), that I said goodbye simply three cases (together; times), five cases (together; times) left hand, six cases (together; times) for rear ( laugh ) plułam, that (in order to) leave (go out) simply and everything to take away it know (be able), these (you) stagnant people (people) feel that under stage.
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