Witam :) napisałam tekst o świętach w Anglii i potrzebuję pomocy w poprawieniu błędów.. z góry bardzo dziękuję za pomoc :)

oto tekst:

In England long before Christmas the streets and shop windows are beautifully decorated. In the centres of many cities there are huge Christmas trees ornamented with lights. Many people gather round the trees to sing carols and collect money for the poor. The house are decorated with ivy, holly and mistletoe. Britain was the first country to hang up mistletoe. There is an old custom saying that you must kiss the person who is standing under the mistletoe.
In Great Britain Christmas begins on 24 December. It`s Christmas Eve.
It`s also the day when children prepare cookies and milk for Santa Claus and some hay for his reindeers. Then they hang stockings on the ends of the beds or by the chimney. So that when Santa Claus comes he can leave them something.
On Christmas Day children find a lot of presents in their stockings and under the Christmas tree. The whole family gather round the table to have dinner.
In England the traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables and potatoes. For dessert it`s fruity pudding with brandy sauce. After the meal they sit down in front of the television for the traditional Christmas speech of the British Monarch. In the afternoon they exchange visits with neighbours other family members. The next day, 26 December is called Boxing Day.
On this day most people don`t go back to work yet but spend the day visiting their friend and giving them gifts or going to the theatre or to the cinema.
They can see a pantomime. It`s kind of show which there are almost no words.

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Britain was the first country, which started hanging up mistletoes.
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