In my free time , I like read book or go to the cinema .
When is winter , I go to ice skating , play to computer game or go with friends somewhere .

Mam nadzieję że może być i że pomogłam ;)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my spare time I like to meet with my friends. We go together to the movies, for walks or sit at home and we tell each other the past days. I also enjoy during the winter for skating, which improves my condition and while it is fun, and admit that I pretty well it goes. That's how I spend some moments of my life ^^

Myślę, że pomogłam :) I że Ci się to spodoba ^^
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In my free time I like meet with my friends.Usually we go for cinema (movies).
We like horror all.
In my free time I face each other with friends unonly and also I like to walk on basin.When winter is walk on ice rink daily.I like to observe comedies evening (in the evening), but read good book before dream.

jeśli grasz na czymś możesz napisać ze grasz np: na sakosfonie, gitarze itp

I like to play on saxophone when my brother plays on guitar me. We build (create) harmonious case (together; time) and good group