Witam mam problem z napisaniem pracy w jezyku angielskim ogolem to jest list ale nie wiem jak odopowiedziec na pare pytan jesli ktoś by wiedział to bardzo prosze mi pomóc bo prace mam na jutro do oddania

Could you also tell me a few more things about yourself ? Is there anything you can't eat or drink?Do you smoke? Do you want a single room , or do you prefer to share a room with another student?Are you going to go back a Russia immediately after the end of the course?If not how many more days are you going to stay with us?



I could tell a few things.Na beginning to say that I like to eat healthy food but the fruits of such vegetables. Care about the figure, a lot of exercises and trains box.sometimes I like to drink with my friends drink, or sometimes in the morning before work to warm milk.co life so much more personal to say that I like very lonely and I would prefer to share room with another person, of course.

Mam nadzieje że spodoba ci się praca . Możesz coś dopisać jak by czegoś brakowało :)