First conditional
zad 1 .
write sentences using the verbs in brackets .
A) you _____ the answer if you ___ him. (not know/ not ask )
B) I ____ to you if i____ you before you leave. (write / not see )
C)If you ___ the washing-up , i ___ the kitchen . (do /clean)
D) he ____ if you ___- a few minutes late . (not complain / be)
E)If she ____ me back my T-shirt today , I____ her any clothes again . (not give/never lend )
F) if i _____ you today , I___you an e-mail tomorrow . (not phone / send )
G) there __anything for dinner if we ___ shopping now . (not be/ not go )
H) we ___ well in the match if we ___ to bed late tonight . (not play/go)

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A) You won't know the answer if you don't ask him.
B) I will write to you if I don't see you before you leave.
C)If you do the washing-up , I will clean the kitchen .
D) He won't complain if you are a few minutes late .
E)If she doesn't give me back my T-shirt today , I will never lend her any clothes again .
F) If I don't phone you today , I will send you an e-mail tomorrow .
G) There won't be anything for dinner if we don't go shopping now .
H) We won't play well in the match if we go to bed late tonight .
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a) you won't know the answer if you don't asks him.
to chyba o to chodzi .
b) I will writte to you if i don't sees ou before you leave
3 3 3
1. won't, don't ask
2.won't write, don't see, will clean
4.doesn't complain, will be
5.doesn't give, will never lend
6.don't phone, will send
7.won't be, won't go
8.won't play, go

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