Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was sunny day of July 1994. Birds were chirping and a light summer wind was blowing. I and my 3 friends was (were) walking towards the river Skawa. Cold water of Skawa was great for hot sun and 30 degree in shadow, so everybody had agree with idea of Bartek: “lets go swimming!”.

We had been going for 1 hour and it still was far from a half of the distance. We felt tiredness, but feeling of cold water was to nice and we can`t stop now. After next 10 minutes we started to thinking about reaching our target in some easier way. Why here isn`t any car which can take us?” asked angry Tom, of course there were no answer for his question…

Suddenly we sow a fence around a big field, which end was to far to see it. Way through these field was much closer, but it was one problem… usually on the field were a huge wild bull. “No we can` t to these short cat, it` s to dangerous!” Bartek bagged, but nobody heard him, decision had been already made. 10 seconds later we were walking through field with absent bull. We didn’t to a long way when we sow a second part of fence and… a bull running towards us! I thing, that there we had made a new record in sprinting