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Alnwick Castle is the winter residence of the Dukes of Northumberland, descended from a family Percych. From spring to late fall is one of the main attractions of the region. The castle is well-equipped library and a collection of paintings depicting figures from many different families. On land adjacent to the castle are gardens with numerous fountains.
An interesting fact is the world's largest tree house, which houses the restaurant. On the castle grounds are organized demonstrations birds, fighting knights and concerts and other attractions.

Bodiam Castle (English Bodiam Castle) is a moated castle in Britain, located in Robertsbridge, East Sussex.
It was built 1385 years by Edward Dallyngrigge in defense against French invasion.
In the fifteenth or sixteenth century the castle was demolished, probably during the Civil War. The object of the organization takes care of the National Trust. Raises funds for the reconstruction of the roof. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the castle has been partially renovated.

Compton Castle (called the Compton Castle) - a medieval castle in Britain in the village of Marldon, near Paignton, about 8 miles west of Torquay.
It was built between 1340-1480 by the family Gilbertów, which is owned today. Has been repeatedly rebuilt after the wars with the French, who attacked England. For this reason, the castle was built outside the walls of the surrounding residential area and garden. For several years the castle was abandoned and was used by local peasants as stadoła and pigsty. After repopulation Gilbertów the family, the castle has been restored and preserved old utensils and equipment home from the late medieval period was placed in the castle tower.
The castle is the old original kitchen, a chapel and living room war, which gathered many historical exhibits. Beside the castle is a garden with a sphere armilarną - astronomical instrument which is a model of the celestial sphere.
The best-known owners of the castle to be Humphrey Gilbert (1539-1583), who colonized in 1593 Newfoundland placing first English property in North America. According to legend, his friend, Sir Walter Raleigh was the first Cigarette holder smoke tobacco in the UK during his visit to the castle.
The castle since 1951 takes care of the National Trust - a charity dealing with protection and preservation of monuments in Britain. The castle is on the list of English Heritage.
At the castle scenes were shot in the film Sense and Sensibility (Sense and Sensibility) produced in 1995, for which Emma Thompson screenplay received an Academy Award

Leeds Castle (called Leeds Castle) - the castle is located near the town of Maidstone, Kent, UK. From the year 1119, while at the same place since the ninth century there was a Saxon estate earth. It was built by Robert de Crevecoeur, and in 1278 became the royal residence of King of England - Edward I and his wife - Eleanor of Castile. It was then that the castle was expanded and introduced several improvements such as the Barbican complex of three parts, each of which has its own entrance, drawbridge, gate and door. The medieval castle is called in honor of Queen Eleanor - Gloriette.
The castle is surrounded by a beautiful lake and vast green areas. Since the building has been continuously inhabited, and its present appearance is the result of many rebuilt, the last of which occurred in the 30 Twentieth century.
The name comes from the castle, lying near a village called Leeds, and not the city Leeds, in Yorkshire.
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