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My aunt lives in village near Jelenia Góra. I love spending holiday with her. This story happened about 5 years ago...

There is a cave near my aunt's house. It’s small and wet, but it has its own climate. I could spend all my time in this cave!
It was hot and sunny day so I decided to go to the cave to relax. I took a torch because I wanted to look at walls in ‘my’ cave. I had never done it before. On the longest wall I saw something strange... It looked like a map! Fortunately I had a piece of paper so I drew this map on it. I went back to home and tried to guess what the map was showing. I was thinking about it when the old cuckoo clock rang in a library. At the same moment I understood everything! It wasn’t map but a plan! The plan of my aunt’s library! This room is different from other rooms in the house. It has got six walls and only one window. The plan had a hexagon shape with something which looked like window. The cross was drawn on the wall opposite the window. I was very excited! I was thinking about a large treasure when my aunt walked into library. “Aunt, I found a treasure!” I shouted. “Oh, yes? Maybe you saw the picture in the cave?”.

The map was only a game. When my aunt was a young girl she drew this plan in the cave because she was dreaming about an adventure! I was very sad. I really thougt that I found the treasure! I will never forget that day!
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I learnt about the planned trip right before the end of the school year. As a reward for good results in the learning I was supposed to spend three entire weeks on Croatia. I was pleased very much and I already deducted days for the departure. I packed all essential things. I ran as crazy and I told everyone about sensational holidays I am which facing. suddenly my departure was hanging by a thread. It turned out that the Dad hadn't been given some leave and it isn't obvious whether we will go. I said nothing. I lowered only a head and I went to my room. It was hard for me, but I didn't want additionally to sadden parents. I knew, that and they looked forward to these holidays. Certainly they didn't want to dismiss them and if it depended on them, on 100 % in order to pojechali.Ca łą night I could not sleep.
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