Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day last year I was at my grandmother's to celebrate her birthday. I visited her together with my brother. We were to stay there over night. In the evening we watched a horror movie on TV. After the movie was over we decided to go to bed. When we were getting ready to go to sleep we heard a horrible noise. We went to the kitchen because that was where the noise had come from. In the kitchen next to the window there was a ghost in a black coat with dark hair. The way he looked scared the pants off us.
We felt cold and we couldn't even scream. We left the house as quickly as we could. We found a phone box near the house so we called our parents. They came to take us back home. They were angry at us and didn't want to listen to our explanations. Back at home we told our mum about everything but she didn't believe the story. We want to ask grandma about the ghost, but we are too scared to visit her again

jest to opowieść o tym jak ty zobaczyłaś ducha u swojej babci w domu , ja pisałam coś takiego na lekcjii ;)
Now I well tell you a terrible story which happened in the holidays. So I decided to go for a wolk with a friend. Following we noticed a strange house. We decided to enter him and see what is inside. Opening the door suddenly flew out of buts knocking us down. I was very scared but my friend wanted to go further. In front of us was a graet room. And suddenly the ghost appeared. He was great and the addition without a head because he held it in his hand. We can witkout besutation to the door. So for I do not believe it really happened. That day I will long remember.