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From: [email protected]
To: nie wiem musisz sama wpisać ;)
Subject: I and my friends.
I send to you photo our group. There are I, Diana and Wiktor. They are my best friedns. We're in the "Our World" competition.
I'm interested in art. I love draw and paint. I keen on animals and I help in shelter-home for deserted animals.
Diana is beautiful girl and she's going to be a model. She likes draw, too. We often go to swimming pool because we fond of swim.
Wiktor is my friend. I like him because he's crazy but intelligent, too. He likes play volleyball and he walks on training still. He is the best student in our class. I admire him!
I live in a small village. My home is tiny but very beautiful and cosy. Next to my house are a lot of trees and bushes. In my locality live in litlle people. Everybody knows every.
In our free time we get together and we talk, play and joke.
Best wishes and good lucky from .......(jakaś miejscowość)
..........(imię i nazwisko)
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