Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Elements to Scrambled eggs for 2 - of 3 persons.
* 6 - 8 eggs
* the tether of the rather fatty sausage plus bacon
* 1 average onion
* 1 big or two smaller tomatoes
* ew. clove of garlic
* chives
* salt, pepper, sharp and sweet pepper
* fat for frying (oil will probably be best)

before we will get down for frying scrambled eggs well for oneself to cut up the sausage and possible bacon, onion, tomatoes and the chive.
We are cutting the sausage and bacon into cubes and we are throwing onto the frying pan with a bit of oil and a mashed clove of garlic. So I like the sausage well grinded out I am giving the fire disputes well mixing some time up I am waiting until nicely he/she is well done. When the sausage and bacon will already almost okay be, that is so we like which, we are throwing diced or thin pens onion. We are adding eggs and we are sloshing about.
When eggs lightly curdle, we are adding diced tomatoes. I like scrambled eggs with well-toned tomatoes and lightly warm so I am throwing them this way per the minute, two before the end of frying. We are seasoning the whole with the salt, the pepper and peppers and in the end, already after removing from the fire intensively we are sprinkling with the chive.
Tasty :)