-Hi, how are you?
-I'm fine, thanks. Can we play football?
-No, we can't.
- Ok. So, how Arsenal(np.)?
-Good. Men won match.
- That's good. I must go. Bye.

Proste, ale może ci się spodoba... :D
Rozmowa w sklepie. :

- Hello !
- Hello !Can i help you ?
- Yes. What size this red shoes ?
- It size 40 .
- Ouu . It's too big. Can i please size 38 ?
-Sorry. We haven't got it. Maybe have you size 39 ?
- No thanks,it's too big.
Hi , Steven.
How are you?
Fine , thanks. What are you doing?
I'm doing my homework and listening to music.
It's fun ... very
Do you like pizza?
Yes i like ...
Come do my mother Restaurant ...
Pizza' s my mother it's very cool .