Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
* 1 Chinese cabbage
* 4 chicken breast
* 2 onion
* 1 jar of gherkins
* 1 can of the corncob
* Gyros spice
* ketchup
* mayonnaise

We are stir-frying fillets on the frying pan. When lightly will already be browned we are pouring with Gyros spice. We are cutting the cabbage (we are shredding). We are chopping cucumbers (but not too finely). We are draining the corncob. We are cutting onion into the small bone. Best he is to arrange gyros in the glassware so that one can see layers. We are completing classes as follows (from the bottom): - meat - ketchup - cucumbers - onion - maize - mayonnaise - ketchup - cabbage the topcoat, i.e. the cabbage, it is possible to garnish with the mayonnaise and ketchup.