I'm in a sport camp in Treffen with my friends from London. We are having fun. Every day we are playing football, basketball and badminton. Is super. We live in great sporthotel "Alpinum". Yesterday we were in Villah. i think it is wonderful place. Today we are going to Klagenfurt and we will swimming in swimming pool. Tomorrow we are going for a long walk.
Isa and Mary are having fun too. We are every day watching tv after dream or we are talking about ghosts. But Isa is crying every night because she is afraid of it.
I'm really happy. Four days ago in Salzburg I met Peterg Gade! He is Duth Badminton Player! I love him! She give me his autograph.
Ok, bus is waiting for us, so I must go.
Bye bye
PS: Say grandma and Grandma I love Their!